Adi Luger

Adi Luger joined the Bundeswehr in 1970 and completed his training as a troop officer, parachutist and lone fighter. From 1974 to 1981 he studied sport and theology at the University of Regensburg and qualified for the German national team in the military pentathlon.

Trained and experienced in foreign deployment with special use, he received the highest military awards.

In 1983, he started his civil career at the Sparkassenakademie Bayern in Landshut with a focus on physical and mental performance for managers, aptitude and performance diagnostics as well as the development and implementation of potential analysis procedures and assessment centres.

Since 2006, he has been teaching management skills to junior staff in MBA programmes in selected courses at renowned universities. In addition, he advises multinational companies on change processes. His focus is on interdisciplinary aspects of leadership, such as self-management, stress regulation and crisis management, in terms of content and methodology.

Mr. Luger is currently an external Consultant at LLC, with consulting emphases in organizational analysis and development, executive development, management reviews and coaching.